Choosing The Best Between HP and Canon Printers


Canon and HP are two brands of printers that rivalry growth bigger and more popular day by day. These brands have their popularity and always give the best quality of printing result. Actually, these printers have their own characteristics in features and many things else that can make people give their trust on those printers. Then, what are things you should know about Canon and HP? Which one would be the best printer for you?

Things You Should Know about HP VS Canon Printers

As things go well with both of the brands, at least, you should know what usually happens when you buy HP or when you buy Canon. Then, you can decide to choose either Canon or HP for your daily need of document printing.

  • Speed

Actually, both HP and Canon printers have different speed of printing and it is more likely about the ability of different series of printer. However, in some cases, HP printers are better at printing speed. So, if you really need to work with the high speed of the printer, printers from HP usually can be your priority.

  • Image Printing

Both of the brands provide you many series of printers that can print the image documents. However, when you use HP for printing any documents of image or photos, you should make sure that the paper is the ordinary paper, and the photo is in good quality if you want to get good result of image printing. When you use glossy paper for printing your images with HP printers, the quality will not be that good.

However, Canon comes with the better quality of image printing. It can print the photos in glossy paper or ordinary paper with almost the same quality of printing. The color will be clear enough and the result will be close to the professional photo printing result.

  • Prices

Both of Canon and HP are considered to be the affordable one when you try to compare it with the other printers. However, it still depends on the series. If you want to make the average, actually printers from HP are more affordable. However, it does not mean that printers from Canon are too expensive to buy since both of the printers are still in good range to buy.

  • Cartridge and Maintenance

For the maintenance, HP printers are easier for self-maintenance. You only need to print at least one paper in a week to manage the printer condition. If you have a problem with the cartridge, you can directly change the cartridge with the new one. Do not worry, since the price for HP cartridge is affordable.

However, if you have a problem with your Canon printers, the problem is usually different from one series with the other. Sometimes, you can fix it by only change the cartridge, meanwhile, some others need you to face the expert to fix the problems, which means it takes longer time for you to fix it.

  • Ink Prices

For the price of the ink, HP is cheaper than Canon. Besides that, the ink use of HP printers is longer than the use of Canon printers. It means that you need to prepare more budgets if you want to buy new ink for your Canon printers.

Those differences between Canon and HP printers can be your considerations in picking the printer. You can choose whether the HP is the good one or the Canon is better for you. Whatever is your choice, as you already comparing one and another, your choice would be full of consideration. Then, it will turn into the right decision of printer to buy between Canon and HP printers.