Which is Better Between Laser and Inkjet Printers?


Have you ever tried printing using a laser printer and inkjet printer? Can you figure out the differences between both of them? Actually, if we do not really care about the technical between inkjet and laser, it will not be something important. However, if you want to buy a printer and confuse to choose printer between laser and inkjet printer, reading the comparison between both of the printers are good for you.

Good Sides of Inkjet and Laser Printers

Of course, the printers and all things in this world have the goods sides. Before you make your decision about the printer that you will buy, let us tell you about the good sides of inkjet printers and laser printers.

  • Pros of Inkjet Printers

Actually, inkjet printers are widely known as printers with the good result of printing documents, especially heavy images documents. It means that if you have high needs of printing images, it would be good to choose any one printer that belongs to inkjet printers. The inkjet printer will show you the smoother result of image printing.

Meanwhile, the other good side of an inkjet printer is the price. Usually, you can find inkjet printers with cheaper price and it makes inkjet printers are more affordable for many people. Besides the price which is more affordable, the weight of inkjet printers is also considered to be light. So, it is not heavy to move it from one side to another side.

  • Good Sides of Laser Printers

Usually, laser printers are good at printing speed. So, if you have the intention to look for a printer which can print your document in high speed, it would be good to find the laser printer. The other good thing of having laser printer as your printer tools is that the result of the document will be very sharp and clear.

Laser printers are also good for you who are looking for any printing with high-volume of paper. Usually, the capabilities of laser printers are good enough to print out many times without being worry about the damage that can come because of the hard work.

Lack Points of Laser Printers and Inkjet Printers

Not only having good sides, of course, but there are also always cons against its good sides. So, you also have to learn about some cons of an inkjet printer and laser printer.

  • Inkjet Printer

If you already decide to buy inkjet printers as your printer, you have to make sure to be diligent in the maintenance of your printer. Besides that, you have to know that inkjet printer is not that fast when it is being compared with the laser printers. So, you can consider based on the speed of printing that you need for your daily needs.

  • Laser Printer

The lack points of laser printer come in some ways. One of the lack of points of using this printer is that you have a longer time to warm your printer up, even though it has the fast ability in printing. Besides that, talking about the price, laser printers usually comes with a more expensive price and the maintenance will also be more difficult in some ways. So, you have to prepare for the routine maintenance and urgent maintenance in which require you to consult with the expert.

Both the laser and inkjet printers have their good and bad side. The thing that you have to do in order to find the right printer is that to find make it match between your needs and the ability of the printers that you buy. Then, you can get the one with the right price and the right features to be used in your daily activities.